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April Shower Activities

Rainy days should be no excuse not to be able to exercise. There are various activities both parents and children can participate in. Here is a list of activities to keep parents and children moving.

  1. Treasure Hunt Game

  2. Give children 30 minutes to complete. Make the price a healthy snack and hide prize outside.

  3. Cut out pictures from magazines or print pictures online to use as clues. Also, include a physical activity in each clue. For example, make children hop, skip, bear crawl or side shuffle and so on.

  4. Hide clues under rocks or inside Easter Eggs.

  5. Play outdoor games inside the house or in the garage

  6. Place basketball court under the porch and play a game of HORSE.

  7. Play basketball using an indoor mini court to place on the door and play with

  8. foam ball.

  9. Move the furniture around in the living room to play golf or hockey. Place a box or cup on its side.

  10. Tie a rope to two chairs to play a game of limbo.

  11. Play volleyball with a balloon or beach ball tying a tope or string to two chairs.

  12. Play outside in the rain

  13. Put on rain boots, raincoats, and warm clothes and stomp on the puddles.

  14. Sidewalk chalk during or after rain

  15. Don’t forget the umbrella!

  16. Field Trip to an indoor play area. Search for the nearest location.

  17. Ice/Roller Skating

  18. Bowling

  19. Indoor tennis court

  20. Indoor trampoline park; Rocket Jump or Sky Zone

  21. Indoor Rock Climbing

  22. Fitness Videos

  23. Nintendo Wii Sports or Just Dance

  24. Zumba or Kickboxing videos

  25. Twister

  26. Encourage children to create their own dance routine and have a competition.


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