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Gingerbread Picasso

Gingerbread Picasso has become a holiday tradition at Dr. Riba’s Health Club. This is a fun and creative activity kids can do during winter break. (Kids of all ages!) Invite friends, cousins, neighbors to participate. Before you know it, you will have a house full of original artwork and wonderful home made gifts. Plus, kids have all the fun of decorating and creating without the tummy ache from sugar and white flour. Unfortunately, you’ll still have a mess to clean up, a small price to pay for hours of fun and beautiful ornaments.

We use a salt dough recipe, multi-surface acrylic paint and Mod Podge for the ornaments. A straw is an easy way to punch out a hole at the top. Don’t forget yarn, string or ribbon for looping inside the hole and hanging the ornament.

Have fun! Please send us pictures of your ornaments!


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