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Our Practice

  • One on One

  • Individualized Care

  • Nutrition & Fitness Group Classes

  • Home Fitness Routines

  • Meal Planning

  • Virtual Cooking Demos

Our Core Values

  • Listen and be compassionate

  • Recognize and respect each family’s uniqueness, providing individualized approaches to treatment and comprehensive care

  • Educate and empower families

  • Give families hope and support to trust service providers, navigate the medical system, and gain access to community resources

  • Be dedicated and passionate about patient care

  • Work as a team, valuing each member’s perspective and expertise

  • Be Resourceful and innovative



The primary goal of Dr. Patricia is the prevention and treatment of nutrition –related health problems in children and their families. Dr. Patricia’s /Dr. Riba’s Health Club offers a variety of programs and services aimed at addressing the health needs of children and their families most at risk for obesity and diabetes.

Success Stories

“Dr. Patricia, I really appreciate all your help. Amazing! Eight pounds in three weeks… your program works.”
– Patient Mother

Alexa, 31

What Experts Say

Dr Katherine Ahn, DDS Commissioner

Children and Families Commission of Orange County

There are not many books that can be read for both pleasure and educational purposes at the same time. This book is one of those books. I believe the wisdom that it imparts can positively impact us and our family for generations. Consumption of food is an integral part of life, Jon Gabriel and Dr. Patricia Riba guide us on how to make food a pleasurable aspect of life rather than being a gateway to obesity and a lifetime of struggles, guilt and unhealthy living. I applaud Jon and Dr Riba on publishing this desperately needed information on how to successfully prevent or overcome obesity, one of the greatest epidemic in America.


Albert Chang, MD
UCI Student Health Center

Having practiced pediatrics in Orange County now for almost 10 years, I feel very fortunate that we have a program such as Dr Riba’s Health Club for our at risk obese patient population. She has brought together an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced set of specialists who provide a directed level of care and resources to our young patients and their families. In my busy offices, we are oftentimes unable to provide the time to fully educate and answer all the patients questions during the single visit. Dr Riba’s program is able to provide the time to go over the individualized patient care plan, and hit all the most important aspects of care with her Multidisciplinary Team. Their team’s unique way of connecting and inspiring children and parents both has made a meaningful impact within the Orange County community and among my patients and their families.


Merry A. Grasska, RN, MPH, NP-C
Fit Kids Revolution is a remarkable, book, demystifying how the body works in regard to nutrition and the factors that contribute to obesity. As a family nurse practitioner and one who has had a life-long battle managing my own weight, I recommend this enjoyable, easy to read book as a must for all parents who want to help their children achieve healthy weight and it should be required reading for parents who want to raise children in an environment with a healthy philosophy about food. Health care practitioners will also find it a helpful tool with valuable information.


Valerie Rice 
Eat Drink Garden

As a food blogger and mother of two daughters, I’m always on the hunt to find ways to nourish my family that leads to a long lasting enjoyment of fresh, healthy food. Fit Kids Revolution is a wonderful guide that illustrates how to feed families in a healthy and approachable way but it’s so much more.
With all the food fads it can be hard to discern the right path. This book is not just for those grappling with childhood obesity, it’s a practical guide for all families. We’ve put Dr. Riba’s methods to work in our home with great success – from the psychology of feeding children, to taking charge on what to serve and soothing techniques…it’s an all-exclusive guide. Thank you, Dr. Riba and Gabriel, for giving a sane and inspiring guide for all families.

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