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Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast sets a healthy tone for the rest of the day and provides fuel for the morning. Which is especially important when you are a child trying to soak up knowledge and be ready for pop quizzes. Also, a child who goes to school with a full belly tends to have less disciplinary issues or trips to the nurse’s office. A nourishing breakfast that fuels them until lunch time will include three food groups. Limit processed foods and aim for whole foods. Be cautious of items specifically marketed to children, such as cereal and frozen items. They generally have a high sugar content and are void of nutritional value.

Try one of these tasty combinations! When you find combinations that work, swap in any fruit or vegetable that is in season. >whole grain bread +natural peanut butter + sliced apple >oats + low fat milk + diced apple + cinnamon >Smoothie >whole grain bread + cottage cheese + peaches >whole wheat hot dog bun+ natural peanut butte + banana >whole wheat flour tortilla + egg + cheese + vegetable or piece of fruit >whole grain English Muffin + avocado + egg + vegetable or piece of fruit >whole wheat waffle + plain yogurt + blueberries + cinnamon


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