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Adding a Protein for Breakfast

Finding new ideas for breakfast foods can be a challenge. It’s important to add protein to your children’s breakfast to give them energy and sustenance for the day. Protein is involved in many important functions in a child’s growing body, including muscle and bone growth, immune function, creating hormones, and more.

We recommend at least three food groups at breakfast. Combining food groups helps to give your child nutrition and sustained energy.

Some good examples of a healthy, protein-packed breakfast:

• Whole grain bread, peanut butter and banana

• Scrambled eggs with spinach and corn tortilla

• Oatmeal (Old-fashioned oats or steel-cut oats) made with milk and topped with apples and cinnamon or other fruit like strawberries or blueberries

• Plain Greek yogurt, fruit, and raw oats

Remember to add some fruit and whole grains with protein to your child’s breakfast. It will sustain them until lunch and give them healthy energy for the day!


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