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Cowboy Recipe in Honor of President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and I have the same birthday– February 6th. I had the great pleasure of meeting him briefly at USC on our birthday back in 1988 after he left the oval office.

As a California resident, an Aquarius and a Republican, I have always felt close to this president.  His warmth, sense of humor and strength gave him the vibe of someone you would love to get stuck on an elevator with and who wanted to lead your country (a sweet spot for most intelligent actors I guess).  And the fact that he was a fellow Californian who adored San Ynez was just a bonus.

Happy birthday President Reagan! You are still loved and adored to this day. If you were alive today I know I would have convinced you to replace the jellybeans on your desk for some sugar-free xylitol gum.

Enjoy this cowboy recipe for my favorite president!

Cowboy Caviar

Looking for a hearty, manly snack to satisfy you after a long day of ridin’ in the Wild, Wild West? Try this Cowboy Caviar to keep you feeling full and fresh!


-1 can low sodium black-eyed peas

        -1 can low sodium organic corn

        -1 red bell pepper, diced

       -1 green bell pepper, diced

        -1 cup tomato, diced

        -1 tsp pepper

        -¼ cup red wine vinegar

        -2/3 cup cilantro, chopped

        -½ cup green onion, sliced

        -2 tsp no-salt garlic powder

        -2 tsp chili powder

        -1 ripe avocado, diced

Cooking Utensils:

       -Medium-sized pot

        -Cutting board

        -Kitchen knife

        -Large serving bowl


        -In the medium pot, cook beans for 7-10 minutes, until softened

        -Drain water and let cool in the large serving bowl

        -Add all remaining ingredients

        -Enjoy on a salad or with unsalted organic corn tortilla chips!


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