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Green Bean Salad

Green Bean Salad with Red Onion and Salsa Dressing

Adapted from Mexican Everyday by Rick BaylessMakes 6 servings


1 pound green beans, trimmed1 small red onion, thinly sliced3 tablespoons olive oil3 tablespoons salsa, preferably green tomatillo salsa2 teaspoons fresh lime juice3 sprigs cilantro, plus more for garnish¼ teaspoon kosher salt


  1. Steam the green beans until tender-crunchy, about 3 minutes. Allow them to cool then toss with red onion in a large bowl.

  2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a blender or mini food processor. Process until smooth.

  3. Toss the dressing with the green beans and red onion.

  4. Garnish with some cilantro leaves.



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