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Grilling Season

Grilling season is practically year-round here in Southern California. Outdoor cooking really kicks into high gear with Memorial Day weekend. Grilled food is appealing to people of all ages because it creates a unique flavor and brings out a food’s natural sweetness. Burgers and chicken breasts are given when it comes to grilling. In actuality, there are tons of possibilities!

Grilling fruits and vegetables may help a child eat more fruits and vegetables than usual or try something they normally wouldn’t. Most likely, children are already familiar with the grill and know that they like food from the grill. Shish-kabobs are an easy place to start and kids can help with different preparation components. Plus, they are already kid-friendly because the food is in smaller chunks. Alternate chunks of beef, pork tenderloin, chicken or shrimp between pieces of chopped vegetable and pineapple. Watch out for the pointed end of those skewers! Use this vegetable grilling guide for more detailed instructions on how to grill vegetables. Choose a variety of vegetables, just be sure that they all have similar cooking times. Consider doing some skewers as only vegetables. Including pineapple chunks is a juicy touch of sweetness and leads to curiosity about grilling other fruits. For example, peaches, nectarines, bananas, and mangoes, more firm fruits, all work well on the grill. Don’t forget to use a nonstick spray on the grill before placing the fruit flesh side down to cook. Use this fruit grilling guide for exact grilling times and fruit size. A dash of cinnamon combined with the natural juices of peaches is delightful! If you already have the grill fired up for dinner, might as well throw on dessert at the same time. Fruit kabobs for dessert!

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