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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart Day, Love Day, Singles Awareness Day, whatever you choose to call Valentine’s Day, it is an exciting time of the year, especially for our smallest celebrants. For this holiday we’re bombarded with candies, conversation hearts, and chocolate-covered everything and usually spend it indulging in all of the above.

Let’s change it up this year and consider those who are trying to cut processed sugar out of their lives, those who have food allergies or insensitivities, or those who would rather have a special treat that lasts longer than a fun-sized candy bar.

Here are creative non-food ideas for Valentine’s that have no sugar:

-Valentine-themed erasers, pencils, or pens


-Fidgets toys



-Rub-on tattoos

-Valentine’s stamps

-Mini toys: sticky hands, yo-yos, bouncy balls, or parachute guys


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