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Mountain Climber Exercise

Physical activity is important to promote a healthy lifestyle. Exercising or any type of body movement should be incorporated into the daily lives of individuals, even children, to become active. It can be difficult including physical activity into daily routines due to the lack of time, environment, or equipment, but there are many exercises that can be easily done. Exercise activities can be performed while watching television during commercial break as a start – no gym membership required!

A simple exercise that does not require any equipment and is good source of exercise are mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are a fun way to keep children active. This exercise does not require much time so kids can easily do it anywhere. The exercise starts with a push-up position and alternates in bringing one foot at a time forward and then extending it, just like climbing a mountain. The kids won’t even know they are exercising, but having fun! This fun and simple exercise can be a start to a healthier active lifestyle with cardiovascular benefits!


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