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Quick, high intensity exercise ideas

Here are some fun, healthy ways to do high-intensity interval training. These are intense, quick-burst activities that you can do with your kids.

-Pillow fights -NERF gun battles -Paintball battles -Chases in the park -Tag -Tickle wars -Races for rewards -Frisbee -Basketball -Jumping on a trampoline -Swimming pool and water games -Sharks and minnows (in the pool or on land) If your children are older or want more of a challenge, try a Tabata workout. Tabatas are typically done where each individual exercise is done for twenty seconds with a ten-second rest, repeating this a total of eight times over four minutes. Try the one below for an intense sweat session: -Run in place -Push-ups -Squats -Sit-ups -Lunges -Jumping jacks


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