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The Importance of Goals

In today’s blog topic, we will be discussing the importance of goals in life, with special emphasis towards one’s physical and bodily condition. By definition, the word goal means “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” Ranging from simple and easily attainable to long and difficult ones, goals are unmistakably a part in every day living, not only in children and adolescents but in adults and seniors as well.

Here at Dr. Patricia MD, goals are essential and crucial for improvement. Our Fit Club after-school and summer program is a fitting example of such. With factors including exercise/physical activity, nutrition education, and healthy cooking demonstrations, the Fit Club program itself strives towards its goal to benefit our participants who are at risk of childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes. And likewise, during this particular program we keep track of participants’ improvement by measuring their healthy development through fitness testing including mile times, pushups, and sit-ups. By having goals, we accomplish major milestones and help us in a way such in:

  • Pushing Forward:

  • Having goals encourage us and remind us of what we need or want to accomplish.

  • Organize:

  • Goals help us plan and achieve little by little.

  • Building Self Esteem:

  • Getting closer to goals and accomplishing our goals helps us build the confidence we need to carry on with others tasks in life!

  • Self Assess Ourselves:

  • Little roadblocks and letdowns that accompany a goal are there to teach us a lesson. By learning how to deal with is triumph in disguise.

  • Live Life to the Fullest:

  • Goals give us direction and enjoyment in life as goals ultimately lead to happiness.


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