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Trying Interesting Seasonal Fruits By Dr. Patricia

My daughter and I like to try new foods, and we do this according to what’s in season. We were recently at Whole Foods looking at different options in fruit.

We found starfruit, which looks very interesting. We also found some passion fruit as well as horned melons. They would be fun on the table as well as incredibly interesting to eat with your kids.

We also found some fuzzy-looking fruit called rambutan, which grows in tropical climates all over the world. Feijoas were also available in the produce department, and they are similar to guavas. Persimmons are another great seasonal fruit that is included in lots of holiday recipes. We also found quince fruit which looks like a pear or apple and has been eaten since ancient times.

Persimmon health benefits:

  • Diminishes Inflammation.

  • Promotes Heart Wellness.

  • Alleviates Digestive Disorders.

  • Enhances Eye Health.

  • Enriches Skin Texture.

  • Fights Bacterial Infections.

  • May Help Manage Diabetes.

  • Avert Risks Of Cancer.


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