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What are the best drinks to serve?

Confused about what to serve your children? Wondering whether juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, or milk are recommended? Kids tired of plain water?

Follow this advice:

Water and plain nonfat white milk are the best. Juice is not recommended (not even 100% fruit juice).

A few tips if you want to offer some alternative drinks (besides just water) at home to add variety:

  • Decaf herbal teas are fine, as long as they are unsweetened. Mint and chamomile are great examples.

  • Slice up fruit, like tangerines or cucumbers, and put it in a pitcher of water. Leave it in the fridge, and the water will absorb the flavor.

  • Vegetable shakes or other healthy shakes (look in the recipe section).

  • Note: Make sure your plastic bottles and containers are BPA free.


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