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Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Summer is almost over, which means back to school for the kids. As you start transitioning your children into more of a routine for schooltime, oftentimes it is their sleep that is the first to be compromised. Do you know how much shuteye your children should be getting a night?

Here is a guide from the AAP and the CDC to help you evaluate if your child is sleeping enough: Between birth and 2 months, children need 12–18 hours of sleep Between 3 and 11 months, children need 14–15 hours of sleep Between 1–3 years, children need 12–14 hours of sleep Between 3–5 years, children need 11–13 hours of sleep

Between 5–10 years, children need 10–11 hours of sleep Between 10–17 years, children and teenagers need 8.5–9.5 hours of sleep If sleep is a constant battle in your house, try some of these tips to get your child a full night's rest: -Bedtime Routines -Develop bedtime rituals. -Set limits on attention-getting behaviors at night. -Pay attention to the sleep environment. -Limit time in bed when children are not sleeping. -Establish consistent waking times. -Avoid caffeinated drinks. -Avoid medications to help your child sleep. -Discourage excessive evening fluids.</li> -Chart your child’s progress. Use praise for successful, quiet nights. -Consider medical problems. -Make the bedroom a sleep-only zone.


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