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Healthy Snacks for Soccer Games

A little girl around 6 years old wearing a red jersey is running towards the soccer ball on the field. Her opposing team mates are dressed in a blue jersey and is chasing after her and the ball.

My daughter loves to play soccer, and it was our turn to bring a snack to the game. It seems as if a lot of unhealthy food is brought to soccer games, which is a contrast to the activity itself. The kids are doing something healthy, so you want to continue that good healthy feeling after the game.

While some may see nothing wrong with giving their child a sugary treat such as a Popsicle after the soccer game or taking the team for a fast-food hamburger afterward, it’s important to point out that the children face these kinds of tempting “treats” every single day in their lives. Simply put, junk food does not correlate with healthy activity.

Here are some healthy snack ideas for your little soccer players:

        -Water (bring extra!)

        -Sweet fruits such as watermelon, strawberries and raspberries

        -String cheese or cubed cheese

        -Chopped veggies like jicama, cucumbers or carrots



       -Orange slices

        -Dried fruits (but limit these because they contain more sugar)

Remember, if you are bringing a snack for the soccer game, choose something healthy for your children. They’ll eat junk food if you put it in front of them after or during a game, so take charge and make sure their snack is a healthy one!


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