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How to Create a Summer “Bored” Box

Do you and your kids have the summertime blues? Are you looking for fun ways to entertain them (and you!) during the hot summer months when they’re out of school? Engage their creativity and encourage them to spend less time with technology by getting outside for some playtime. Here’s a great idea: Put together a summer “bored” box that is ready to go with activities and games for hours of fun!

You can use any type of box for your summer bored box. Fabric storage boxes make great containers for all kinds of fun things, plus you can pick out a cool summer color or print. Or if you don’t have a fabric box or a big plastic container, you can always use a big cardboard box!

Here are some items you can pack in your summer bored box:

Sidewalk chalk- Let the sidewalk be the canvas for drawings and doodles. Or draw a hopscotch game!

Bottle of bubbles- Who doesn’t love lots of bubbles? Make a bubble wonderland with your kids and see who can blow the biggest bubble!

Card games- Be sure to pack a plain deck of cards for games like War or Crazy Eights, and other card games like Old Maid and Memory.

Chalk and chalkboard- Your kids can pretend they are the teacher and you are the student. School is in session!

Water balloons- What better way to combat the summer heat than to have some fun with water balloons?

Big cardboard boxes- Did you recently have a new refrigerator or other appliance delivered with a big box? Use it to make a fort or a house! Kids can also create a toy pet with smaller boxes if you have those handy. Have colored construction paper and child-safe glue on hand so they can create their masterpiece.

Inflatable beach ball and squirt guns- Make a splash at the community pool or out in the yard with fun beach balls and squirt guns.

Blanket- A simple blanket can be used for many things: Take it when you’re going on a picnic with the kids. It can double as a useful picnic blanket and a cool fort or magic carpet.

Jump ropes- See who can jump the fastest and learn all kinds of jump rope tricks.

Ball and baseball bat- Head on over to the park for a game of baseball with the little ones. Make a day of it by bringing a healthy picnic along!

What would you include in your summer bored box? Leave us a comment below and give us some more great ideas!


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