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How Your Healthy Diet Will Change Everything Else

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The benefits of yoga have been appreciated for centuries, and it’s not just adults who practice yoga poses. Yoga is a great way for kids to get some physical exercise and stretching.

Not only does yoga help children to be more calm, focused and feel less stressed, it’s a fun way for parents and kids to bond when they take classes together. Kids any age can practice yoga, from babies and toddlers to pre-schoolers and middle-schoolers. Yoga also heightens kids’ imaginations as they can pretend to be different animals and other things.

Here are 5 yoga poses your child will love:

Downward facing dog

This pose provides stability and reverse blood flow to the brain, giving fresh oxygen to the body and brain. Downward facing pose can also be a resting pose in between other poses. Your child begins on their hands and knees. Then, instruct them to tuck their toes under and lift their hips, creating an upside down “v” shape. They can bend their knees if they like, keeping their feet firmly on the ground.


Kids love bridge pose because it’s fun to do and it feels good. It stretches their chest, shoulders and spine and refreshes their mind and body. They can lie down on their back with their knees bent and feet on the floor. Their knees should be hip-width distance, and their arms can be down along their body with palms facing the floor. With a tuck in their chain, they can then lift their back and hips up so they resemble a bridge.

Warrior 2

A favorite among children and adults alike, Warrior 2 is a strong pose that builds confidence and strength. They can stand as wide as they can with their front foot facing forward and their back foot perpendicular. Have them bend their front knee so that they are in a soft lunge, and they can lift their arms at shoulder height.


Tree pose is another fun yoga pose that requires a little focus and balance. Because of this, tree pose also is great for quieting busy little minds. Standing at attention, they can carefully take one foot and lift it onto their opposite heel, inner ankle or mid-calf. They can play around with balance and lift their arms into the air, pretending that they are a real tree.


Butterfly pose is a wonderful way for kids to stretch their hips and ankles. Seated, they can bring the soles of their feet together so that their feet are touching and their knees fall out to the sides. Sitting up straight, they can stretch their hips while looking resembling a graceful butterfly.


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